19 Oct 2011    October 17 - 21


The letter of the week is Dd.  The class is learning about Dippy Duck and her sound  (Dippy Duck got her name because she dips her head in the duckpond when searching for food).  Children can make the letter d with their right hand by making a round circle (look through it!) and then by lifting up their index finger.  Practice printing d in the air at home: "Go around her back, under the tum, up to her head and down you come!"   The letter d is often confused with b, so extra practice at home would be greatly beneficial.  The poem and the hand gesture should help your child tell the difference between d and b.  (We have not talked about the letter b yet).  


The colour of the week is brown.  Children drew a picture of a brown bear and we read the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”  We made a class book with our names.  ( ________, _________, (child’s name) What do you see?  I see _____________ (friend’s name) looking at me.


The children had a fire drill on Tuesday and an earthquake drill on Thursday.  It would be helpful to have a fire and earthquake drill at home.